Integration of MS Outlook

  1. Native integration
    • Native Outlook support has been released with SoGo V2.0.0

    • It makes the sogo server look like a exchange server to Outlook
    • A virtual image is available for download

    • It is based on Samba 4 and OpenChange

    • Official Documentation is available as PDF

  2. Integration via SyncML
    • The supported way for integrating sogo with MS outlook is via Syncml

    • You can use the funambol client for this
    • It is a loose integration, which means that it just syncs one calendar, address book and todos
    • There is not really much groupware in that setup

  3. Integration via iCal4OL (proprietary, 20 Euros. See

    • SOGo officially supported
    • Sync multiple calendars
    • Sync addressbook
  4. Integration with Bynari Webdav Connector (proprietary, 20 dollar. See

    • SOGo not officially supported
    • The calendar sync seems to work
    • The addressbook sync doesn't work due to a bug in the connector. JeroenDekkers has reported this to Bynari, but it has not been fixed yet.

  5. Integration with Outlook Caldav Synchronizer (Open Source, AGPL. See

    • SOGo officially supported
    • calendar sync works, supports recurrence exceptions
    • Sync tasks and addressbooks (beta)

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