Ideas from hooks

Those are ideas for hooks support in SOGo.

We should eventually document all hooks like this:

 - Name: -personalFolderWasCreated: (SOGoGCSFolder *) theFolder forUser: (SOGoUser *) theUser

 - Description: This method will be invoked whenever a personal folder (default Calendar or
                Address Book) is created. Using this hook, you can for example, automatically
                subscribe the user when he "first logs in" to some other resources or you can
                create additional resources. 

Here are some ideas for hooks which are reasonable for initial support:

  1. be informed when the personal address book/calendar is created
  2. scripts trigger on error
  3. multiple failed logins attempts
  4. add/edit/delete events and tasks
  5. add/edit/delete contacts
  6. authentication requests and use of authentication tokens
  7. "Report as Spam" button in the Mail module's toolbar

Here are some more ideas, which could be explored later:

1. it would be nice if we could virtually-merge different calenders / folders in one. Perhaps with some sort of filters, to exclude some appointments / contatcts... and also route acl lookups through scripts so you can write-protect some appointments on-demand.

2. It would be great, if we could trigger phone calls out of the address book. Ideas from the mailing list:

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