Integrating Android devices with Sogo

Currently you have 3 ways to integrate your Android device with Sogo

  1. Integration via Caldav / Cardav
    • There are various working clients, including DAVdroid (open-source) and CalDAV-Sync/CardDav-Sync

      Advantages Full integration into Android, so that almost all calendar and contacts apps can access synchronized data.

  2. Integration via SyncML

    • On Android side you have to look for these potential issues

    • Calendar sync if not supported on devices running Android 2.1 or older
    • When using the funambol client, make sure have the version with calendar sync enabled
    • There exists extended version of the funambol client, not available in the market

      The advantages

    • Support for task sync when Astrid is installed and the Funambol client is used

      The disadvantages

    • There are reports of problems with syncing, such as events getting duplicated
    • The Funamabol server is a bit heavy
  3. Integration via ExchangeActiveSync

    • There exists a project which is working on a ExchangeActiveSync connector, but it is not yet production quality

    • It will probably also have the limitation of one calendar and address book setup only

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